SHUBH Jewellers

  • SHUBH Jewellers is the retail brand name of REL.

  • SHUBH Jewellers was launched in the year 2012 and currently there are 80 SHUBH showrooms in the south Indian state of Karnataka.

  • SHUBH has redefined jewellery retail business by offering the customers finest designs and guaranteed purity at value for money prices.

  • SHUBH has launched ‘Real Rate Per Gram’ wherein finest designs of Jewellery of guaranteed purity are sold by weight at rate of gold without levying any extra charges of any type.

  • SHUBH stocks purity hallmarked jewellery only.

  • The entire range of jewellery sold by SHUBH is designed and manufactured at the REL facility.

  • SHUBH is known for it’s designs, quality and price and is a household name in the state of Karnataka.

  • SHUBH will be expanding throughout India and also globally and would ensure that jewellery of best designs and quality at value for money prices will be sold to global customers.