• REL exports gold jewellery and gold products from Switzerland, India and Dubai.

  • REL is the largest exporter of Gold products in the world on a combined basis and also the largest exportter from Switzerland, India and U.A.E.

  • REL exports it's products to major gold markets in the world, REL exports it's products to more than 60 countries across the world.

  • The gold bars produced by Valcambi are exported to major bullion banks across the world. Gold Jewellery produced by REL is exported to major white label manufacturers and wholesalers across the world, who in turn supply the products to leading jewellery brands of the world.

  • The marketing department of REL regularly updates it's global customers with new designs and new products.

  • REL has been consistently increasing it's market share in the global gold and gold product exports and has a separate wing to explore new markets for it's products.