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REL is managed by a Board of Directors comprising of experienced people in the jewellery trade and also professionals from other relevant areas. The Board of Directors are responsible for all major decisions. The Board of Directors are assisted by a well defined hierarchy comprising of some of the most experienced Professionals in the jewellery field. The Directors have ultimate responsibility for the management and administration of the affairs of the company. The Articles of Association of the Company provide that, the number of Directors shall not be less than three and not more than twelve. The company may, subject to the provisions of the Articles of Association and the Companies act, alter the minimum or maximum number of Directors by approval of its Shareholders. Not less than two thirds of the total number of Directors shall be, elected Directors who retire by rotation. At each annual general meeting of the Company, one-third or such of the directors for the time being who are liable to retire by rotation, shall retire from office. A retiring Director is eligible for re-election. Currently there are three independent Directors on the Board.

Profile of Directors

Rajesh Mehta

Excecutive Chairman

Rajesh Mehta is the founder Chairman of the Company. As the Executive Chairman of REL at 51 years of age, he is responsible for overall functioning of the company; in addition to being specifically in-charge of finance and marketing functions. Mr. Rajesh Mehta has experience of over thirty years in the functioning and management of jewellery trade and has travelled extensively within India and overseas for establishing a strong network in the industry. Rajesh Mehta is also consulted by various Gold and Jewellery organizations including government and trade bodies for rendering  advise on development of the business.

Prashanth Mehta

Managing Director

Prashant Mehta is the founder director of the Company. Currently Managing Director of REL at 53 years of age, he is in charge of the day to day functioning and holds specific charge of the production unit of REL. He has over thirty years of experience in the jewellery business and is recognized as an authority in the production of gold jewellery. He has been instrumental in setting up the production and R&D facilities of the Company and has developed several new processes, systems and designs, which have been acclaimed by the global jewellery industry.

Asha Mehta

Non Executive & Independent Director

Asha Mehta is an expert in jewellery retail business. She has been involved in retail jewellery business for last two decades.

Prashant Harjivandas Sagar

Non Executive & Independent Director

Non executive and independent Director in REL. 51 years of age. He is an expert in production and jewellary and retail business. He has been involved in jewellary production and retail business for last three decades and he would be an asset to the company, especially in the retail expansion programe of the Company

Vijaya Lakshmi

Non Executive & Independent Director

Non Executive and Independent Director in REL. At 66 years of age, Vijaya Lakshmi is an expert at human resource development ith more than 20 years of experience in the human resource field. She is the only woman Director on the board of the Company. She oversees and monitors the human resource policies of the Company. She has been instrumental in developing the human resource policy of the company and the human resource development department of the Company seeks her advice for recruitments and management of the human resource of the Company.

Joseph T D

Non Executive and Non Independent Director

Non Executive and Non Independent Director. He is aged 57 years, and is a Post Graduate in Human Excellence. He has an experience of over 15 years in administration and management.

Key Managerial Personnel

Profile of Key Managerial Personnel

Vijendra Rao

Chief Financial Officer

Vijendra Rao is the chief financial officer of the company. At 65 years of age, he has an experience of over 35 years in the field of finance and accounting. He is a known figure in the financial circles. He is in charge of the financial policies of the company and oversees the implementation of the accounting standards and financial compliance of the Company.