Refining & Alloying


  • REL is the world's largest gold refiner with a capacity to refine more than 2400 tons of precious metals per annum.

  • REL has two refining facilities, Valcambi at Switzerland which is the world's largest refinery with a capacity to refine 2000 tons of precious metals and another facility in the Indian state of Uttarakhand with a capacity to refine 400 tons of precious metals per annum.

  • Valcambi has been in gold refining since 1963 and has developed the most efficient and the finest precious metals refining process in the world.

  • The R&D department at Valcambi has developed many processes and products which are the first in the world, including the first minted gold bar in the world. Valcambi is the only refinery in the world manufacturing gold bars by a 100% robotic process without human intervention.

  • Valcambi is the world's leading and most trustworthy brand of refined gold bars.

  • Valcambi is LBMA accredited and gold bars of Valcambi are London good delivery bars. The gold bars produced by Valcambi are acceptable on every gold trading exchange of the world and by all the bullion banks in the world.

  • REL is the world leader in gold refining in terms of capacity, production, acceptability and brand value.

  • REL has developed proprietary alloying technology for alloying gold for manufacture of it’s products.