• REL is the only company in the world to have an advanced R&D facility in gold refining, bar making and jewellery making.

  • The gold refining and bar making R&D facility is located at Valcambi, Switzerland and the Jewellery making R&D facility is located at Bangalore, India.

  • The R&D facility at valcambi, Switzerland has many global first's to it's credit including manufacturing the first minted gold bar in the world. The R&D facility at Bangalore, India has developed many proprietary jewellery making processes and designs in the world.

  • Both the R&D facilities have developed some of the most efficient manufacturing processes which incur the lowest gold wastage in the world and produce some of the finest gold products in the world.

  • The R&D facilities constantly develop new designs, which help the products of REL to have a cutting edge in the global markets.

  • The R&D facilities employ some of the finest global talents in terms of metallurgists, chemist and designers who constantly develop new products and processes.