SHUBH Jewellers is a revolutionary mission initiated by Rajesh Exports Limited (REL) to ensure the end of all unethical practices and confusion prevaling in buying of Gold Jewellery. Apart from this, REL has also ensured that the products offered at SHUBH are also of finest finish, technically perfect, unique designs and give you a wide range of selection. 


SHUBH Jewellers is the only jeweller who sells Gold Jewellery at Real Rate Per Gram that is whenever you buy gold jewellery you are quoted Rate per gram of gold by the jeweller, but invariably you would have noticed that when you make the payment, you end up paying much more than the price per gram quoted to you. The difference in most cases is as high as 20% resulting in the gold prices quoted to you becoming meaningless and an eye wash. The excess payment to be made by you is explained as wastage, value addition, making charges etc.  Now for the first time in the world all this confusion comes to an end. At SHUBH 22ct(916) BIS Hallmarked Jewellery from out of the 10,000 exclusive designs would be available to you without any extra charges. Just select the Jewellery multiply the actual weight of the Jewellery by the Real Rate Per Gram and that is what you pay, nothing extra.


Only SHUBH is capable of delivering to you BIS Hallmarked 22ct(916) Gold Jewellery of actual physical weight at Real Rate Per Gram because :-



REL is a Rs. 20,000 crore company and the largest importer of gold in India and also the largest jewellery company in the world.
REL is a nominated agency by the Government of India for Direct import of gold into India from mines.
REL has set up the world's largest state of the art gold jewellery manufacturing facility at Bangalore.




REL has strategic tieup with some of the world's largest gold mines. REL imports gold directly from the mines, manufactures jewellery at its own world's largest jewellery manufacturing plant and retails 22ct(916) Hallmarked Jewellery at its own retail store SHUBH Jewellers. The entire process is fully integrated, there are no middle men in the process, which is the reason due ro which SHUBH Jewellers is able to offer 22ct(916) hallmarked Gold Jewellery at un-believable prices.


REL has set up one of the largest research and development unit for developing new manufacturing techniques, which ensure excellent finish, unique designs, guaranteed purity and lower processing cost.


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